Monday, August 19, 2013

Catch Up.

It seems time has been moving at WARP SPEED over here in the Britton house!  This summer has just flown by, and honestly I have been doing a whole lot of nothing most of that time.  I can't believe that August is almost over.  It makes me so sad!  I love the summer and I never want it to end.  So while Mo is napping I just wanted to kind of catch up on what's been going on over in my neck of the woods :)  Milo is 15 weeks old! WHAT?! I know in the grand scheme of things that's nothing really, but somedays I am just in awe.  And yet it's hard for me to remember a time when he wasn't here... funny how that works eh?  He's still a little midget baby, but he's grown so much in other ways!

At 2 months he was:
-10 lbs 10 oz (25%)
-22 inches (25%)
-started noticing people and sounds more.  He would definitely follow me with his eyes and turn to sounds.
-such a happy baby.  Always smiling and jabbering
-started playing with his toys
-loves his swing and bouncer chair
-made our first trip to Calgary and he did so good!  Not one peep the whole ride there and back. and slept mostly the whole time we were shopping.
- started sleeping for a whole 7-8 hours at night without feedings. AND in his own room!
-he suddenly decided the only place he liked to nap was on me, which made cleaning, exercising and pretty much anything else but reading impossible.
-got his 2 month shots... people are not joking when they say that those are more traumatizing for the parent than they are for the child.  I BARELY held it together. But he did really well.  He was a little fussy for a couple days afterward, but for the most part just wanted to sleep all day.
-has the BIGGEST smile in the world!  Every morning he will fuss a little when he wakes up and the second he sees me in his room his whole face just lights up.  Holy man I love this kid's grins!
-Had his first photo shoot with the AMAZING miss Heather! And did so good, minus a few whizzes on her floor :S
-Had his baby shower where he got so spoiled! I can not believe how many people showed up and how much love there was for this new little boy.  My mom's house was PACKED full of people.  Seriously, I thought I had my hormones under check, but I tell ya I was a bit emotional that day. ha... MOVING ON!

My Little Bear.

LOVES sleeping on his tummy... just for naps.

Gotta love Dads.

First try in the bumbo.  He didn't mind it.

July 1st!

This is why tummy time should be supervised.  I left to go grab a banana and came back to him squishing his face around in this spit up.  He was not impressed.  10 points mom!

First swim!  He was not a fan.

Laying out in the sun however was just right.

AWESOME diaper cake Ky made.

Some Shower decorations.

Milo and his pal Donalda.
I took his 2 month pics a couple days after his shot.  He was not so happy that day. haha agan 10 points mom!

At 3 Months:
-11 lbs 3oz (5%)
-24 inches (50%)
-Still super happy all the time! and will smile at anybody that pays him any attention.
-started giggling
-loves his mom and dad.  We just have to say Hi to him and he will automatically start smiling.
-started grabbing for his toys
-talking more and more all the time
-I decided to get tough and make him sleep in his crib for his naps.  It took him a couple days to figure out that he liked it, and now he will take at least 2 most of the time 3 one and a half hour naps a day.
 -sleeps 8-10 hours straight at night.
-loves to stand up or be sitting.  He doesn't mind laying down and still likes tummy time, but he thinks he's a big boy and big boys stand up!
-still does so good in the car and loves napping in his carseat.
-He got a new baby cousin Everett! I can't wait for these boys to grow up together, its gonna be so much fun :)
-took his first trip to the States to go visit Everett at the cabin!  He did so good and hardly made a peep on the 5 hour drive down and back.  And he LOVED the campfire! He refused to go to sleep, he just sat and stared at it the whole time.
-We've tried the jolly jumper and his excersaucer and he liked them, but he's still just too skinny to fit.
-started drooling like a mad man. and sucking on his hands ALL. THE. TIME. which has given him some baby acne. :(
-started spitting up a little bit.

Longest eyelashes in all the land!

The sad thing is, his feet are touching the ground...

Even sleeps standing up!

New cousin Everett

That's what you get for playing right after a feed!
His "sorry not sorry" face.

This summer has been the best summer I've ever had! Mostly cuz of my boys... Man I am one spoiled lady.  I also got a surprise and Jeff decided that on his vacation time he was going to build me a new deck and sod our backyard!  (You know your all old and mature and stuff when the most exciting thing about your summer is some grass and a new deck!) I was sooo happy!  Our backyard has been destroyed by Boss in the last 2 years that we've been living in this house and is basically a mud pit that he tracks in whenever it rains or snows.  And our deck was honesty rotting and not built right the first time so you felt like it was going to collapse when you walked on it.  All I wanted was a nice area for Mo to be able to run around and play in next year and Jeff just kept telling me that this year wasn't the year for it.  And then I came home one day after being out in Raymond and the crappy shaky deck we had was GONE! Talk about a giddy little girl :) Unfortunately it didn't get done while he was on vacation (haha the man always bites off more than he can chew) so I'm HOPING he actually finishes it sometime this summer!

Well Milo's awake now, so back to being a mom! :)

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  1. First, your little man is adorable.
    Second, my little guy is tiny too. :( Gotta fatten them up! Lol
    And you should get a baby carrier for the days when he wants to be held! :) We love our mei tai.